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Warehouse Storage in Port Klang

Warehouse storage service

Our logistics base is not just a place to store raw materials and inventory. We will revitalize our logistics as a strategic base of SCM that can conduct distribution processing and lower processing. The AK Freight Sdn Bhd also has specialized facilities for document storage and management, which are intellectual property in various places.

We will respond to any "storage needs" with advanced facilities 

In-house LAN system and complete location management (moving rack) allow quick and accurate loading / unloading operation

We will offer. The storage temperature range can correspond to 3 temperature zones of frozen, chilled, and normal temperature, expiration date management, piece shipment, and various picking lists can be issued by our own development system.


Ordinary warehouse

We will store all kinds of products / products such as foods, machinery, quasi-drugs, textiles, household goods. Distributed assortment and distribution processing services such as inspection, repair and sorting are also provided according to customer's individual needs.

Other handling field examples

·      Ceramic industry

·      Paper · pulp

·      Metal products

·      Food industry


Frozen / refrigerated warehouse

We have a "total temperature control warehouse" that can be stored in freezer, refrigerator, constant temperature and normal temperature in one warehouse, and store high quality for perishable goods, processed foods etc. that require delicate management · Delivery service is available.

Other handling field examples

·      Fresh and frozen marine products

·      Frozen food

·      Livestock products

·      Agricultural products


AK Freight Profile

Ak Freight Logistics Company Profile

About AK Freight

Top Freight Forwarder in Malaysia

AK FREIGHT DN BHD provides international freight forwarding, ocean freight, air freight, and sea freight. Air transport, customs clearance, express delivery and other services, as well as container freight stations established around the world,


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About Us

We working very close with Malaysia Customs Department on arranging Import and Export shipments. 

AK FREIGHT SDN BHD has set up strongholds in Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe, India , Middle East and USA.  We also one of the major transportation service providers in East Malaysia for SEA & AIR freight. 


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